Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sample Wardrobe ( 2 )

Casa Epoian ( Air Asia )


Ini salah satu projek Fantasia Gua....yang baru Gua siapkan 100% sebelum hari Raya yang lalu...
Kosnsepnya.......Modern.....Strikking colour kontras....
Hitam & Putih....

Nanti senang Gua cerita ....layan gegambaw dulu k...

House Painting Tips

House Painting Tips

Tips and techniques for a great paint job – panduan mengecat

A room looks wonderful with a fresh coat of paint. But if you have a “Love-Hate” relationship with painting, you’ll want to read our tips on getting a great finished product. You might even enjoy the project as much as the finished product!

Start Out Right

  • You’ll enjoy the job more if you get everything together at the start. Organize a tool station in the middle of the area you’ll be working in. Gather together your paint, brushes, rollers, hammers, screwdrivers, plastic bags, plastic wrap, rags, paint can opener, and drop cloths.

Plan a Day for Prep

  • Don’t try to get everything done in one day. Use the day before painting day to gather furniture in the center of the room, patch cracks and holes, put blue painter’s tape around doors and windows, and cover wall and ceiling light fixtures (light bulbs removed, of course!) with large plastic bags.

Clear the Decks

  • If you can, clear out all the furniture and accessories. Take everything off the walls. If you can’t move everything out, place the furniture and lamps in the middle of the room and cover them with a good drop cloth. Be sure that you tape the cloth around the furniture. Then put a second cover of plastic or old sheet over everything.

Remove All Hardware

  • It may seem easier to paint around door knobs or cabinet hinges, but unless you’re a professional, very experienced painter, you’re bound to get drips around. So carry around some zip top bags and remove all cabinet knobs and hinges, door knobs, light switch plates and outlet covers, and light fixtures. Place the pieces together in separate bags and clearly mark the contents and location (top left cabinet, bathroom door, etc) you took them from. This is a great time to clean the hardware! Put them back when you’re done painting.

Get Yourself Ready

  • No matter how hard you try, you’re bound to get drips (or more) of paint on whatever you’re wearing. So take off all jewelry. Reserve some old, but comfortable, clothes for your painting jobs. Slip-on shoes are easy to take off if you need to leave the room. You won’t have to worry about tracking drops of paint into other rooms. When you paint the ceiling, put a scarf, shower cap, or old baseball hat over your hair and some plastic over your eyeglasses.

Don’t Paint Over Problem Walls

If your walls have holes or cracks, fix them before you start with the paint. Any home center or paint store has knowledgeable personnel to guide you to the best products for the job. Wide cracks and large holes can be “bridged” with fiberglass tape, spackle will fill small holes and cracks, and texturizing products are available to match your existing wall finish

Bilik Kanak-Kanak ( Modern )

Casa Epoian - Sponge Bob



Projek Fantasia kali ini Gua tunjukkkan ubahsuai bilik kanak-kanak yang.....yang menjadik Idaman Gua untuk Anak2 Gua suatu hari nanti.........huhuuuuuu......

Projek ini adalah Projek Gua 2 tahun yg lepas.....dimana Gua bekerjasama ngn kontraktor2 dari SINGAPORE untuk kerja2 ID - 4 buah RUMAH CONTOH Semi D 3 tingkat di Kajang...

Konsep bilik ini adalah salah satu Karektor kegemaran ... anak Gua iaitu


Menggunakan.....colour yang sangat2 striking! iaitu kuning!....huhuuuuuuuu ala ala Diraja gituhh!
Dihujung kepala katil pulak .......dikustomkan.....menggunakan Kabinet Modern dari bahan2 Fabrik Getah........huhuuuuuuuuuuu Walaweiiiiiiiii gituh.....
Tambah walaweiiiiiiiiii lagi diletakkan Tilam atauponk Bantal2 Ikon Spongebob....pergh!! Cun tak hengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat......Siut!!!!!


P/S - Ader saper yg berminat untu Gua Deco kan rumah luorang?


Tungguuuuuuuuuuuuu gegambaw Walaweiiiiiiiii
Open House.....Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....k

Warna Warna Blik Kanak-Kanak